Evening Hunting Trip 9/18/2013

Headed back out to Loch Raven this evening in hopes of seeing something more than the spike I saw last night...  Well, I got in my tree about 4 and settled in for the evening.  Another beautiful September day to be in the woods, and tonight is the harvest full moon.  I think that is part of why hunting has been slow for some of us, normally deer will feed more during the middle of the night when the moon is around full, this also means that they sometimes also move during the middle of the day.

Around 5:15 I saw some movement about 80 yards off to my left, I threw the binoculars up and saw it was a young doe, probably just a fawn. She was feeding in some acorns, all of a sudden she looked up and came running down to me.  She stopped right under my tree, maybe 5 yards at most and walked around feeding on acorns for another 5 minutes. Again, she looked up, looked around and took off down the hill from me, she stopped about 75 yards away and went back to feeding..  I watched her walk off and into the thicket where I could not see her... I did not see anything else other than what seemed like 1000 squirrels until about 6:45.  I heard a noise down the hill from me and looked down there and there was the same young doe from over an hour earlier.  She was down there walking back and forth feeding again. A couple minutes later here she comes running back up the trail she had run down earlier, and again she runs up and stops 10 yards from me and starts feeding.  This fawn was acting strange to say the least and she was all by her self.  She was feeding under me for another 5 minutes and then looked up and took off, ran another 50 yards and stopped.  She finally ran off over the hill.

That was the end of my evening, just saw that one fawn twice...  Nice to be in the woods, wish I would of seen more deer.   Just have to keep moving around from spot to spot until I get lucky and finally see some deer or even better a bigger buck.

Anyone else out tonight? Did you have success?

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  1. Brian
    I was also out at Loch Raven in the evening of 9/18. Got to my area around 4:30 but hunted from the ground. I spooked a rabbit on the way in which scared the crap out of me. I also saw a ton of squirrels but no deer. I was hunting near a fresh rub I found last week and where I spotted a nice looking buck. I too have heard that deer tend to be more nocturnal during the full moon but I had the time and desire so I hit the woods anyway after work. Sure was nice being there during the week...didn't see another soul the whole time.
    • admin
      Brain, Glad you were out in the woods last evening. Sounds like you had a similar experience as me. I too saw my first rub last evening, so that is a good sign of things to come :-) Like you I could get out this week as work allowed so no matter what the moon was I was going! haha I saw 1 other person out hunting from the ground and a ton of trucks/cars out on my way home, so plenty of people were in the woods, so be glad no one else was hunting the area you were! Good luck to you!

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