Evening Hunting Trip at Liberty 10-27-2017

I headed over to Liberty for an evening hunt with a good friend of mine.  This was new to me as I don't normally hunt Liberty, so this was sorta a shot in the dark try something new.  The evening started out slow, I saw a few squirrels until about 5:30 as the sun was getting behind the trees. I heard something cut across the hillside cross from me.  Never did see what it was but bigger than a squirrel.  Then a few minutes later I had a big mature red fox come up the hill from down in the bottom below me.  He spent the better part of the next 30 minutes within eye site of me, more annoying than anything.

Finally about 6:00 pm I looked over and off in a bit of thick stuff on the edge of the oak trees I saw a single doe feeding.  At this point she was about 75 - 80 yards away.  I continued to watch her and then another one came from the same area, but this one seemed to be headed somewhere, she worked down off the hill away from me in a bit of a hurry.  The original doe I saw was feeding in what seemed like circles, and as sunset quickly approached she was slowly working in my direction.  As sunset came and went she got to about 40 yards, then 35 yards and I was getting ready to look for a shot, but then she did yet another circle and started working up the hill and away from me.  As dark approached she was back at 48 yards from me feeding on the flat.  Dark came and I sadly eventually spooked the doe as I was climbing down the tree.

That was my evening, I saw 2 does, ,one very briefly, the second one I just couldn't get her to come in for a shot.  Not a great evening, but not a bad evening for a shot in the dark with not a clue of where I was going and if I would see any deer at all.  Not bad for my first Liberty hunt.

On another note on my way into the woods I did see some very fresh rubs and small fresh scrape, rut is coming, and coming quick.

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