Evening Hunting Trips 10/24/2014 – 10/25/2014

Back out in Loch Raven last evening for a hunt on a beautiful evening with a good friend of mine.  Tried a spot I had only been one other time this year.  Thought it would be a great spot to try to get a doe for the freezer and it's one of those spots that you could see a buck cruising by.  Well, the best I can say is it was a beautiful night..   Didn't hear or see a thing.  I saw 2 squirrels the whole evening and almost feel asleep earlier in the evening.  Not an evening wasted since any evening in the woods is a good one, but sure is frustrating to go and not even see a deer when you think you have a good spot.

After a frustrating evening last night, I deciding to take some time off and spend some time catching up on the chore list.  Back at this evening I went to our private land for an attempt at feel good hunting.  Well, the plan was at least I would see deer and hopefully see the one bigger 8 I am after that I have been getting night time pictures of.  Well, slow evening nothing was moving until late, it was sunset before I saw my first deer and it was a button buck.  Short time later I had a doe and right on her heels was the 4 point we get pictures of almost ever evening the past few weeks.  And..... That was it, I got down and spooked off the 4 point who was out feeding in our food plot.   This warmer weather coupled with the new moon may have them all screwed up and moving later at night.

Start again next week, probably try some more new spots I either haven't been to yet this year, or have never hunting but scouted.  You know what they say, just keep trying.  Either way a great time to be in the woods, never know what might walk in front of you and you never know what spot will be hot and what spot will be bust.  Just have to give your best, try to scout and make good choices about where you set up and hope for some good luck!

Anyone else get out this weekend?  Do any good?

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