Evening Hunting Trips 11/3 – 11/4/2014

Well, anyone that reads on a regular basis knows I think any day in the woods is a good day.  Well, I also feel any afternoon that I am not working and I am in  a tree is a good day 🙂  One great part about November is that you have a great reason to sneak away from work as much as possible.

Well, I spent the last 2 afternoons in the woods since every day now that rut is coming upon us is a good day to be in the woods.

Monday - 11/3/2014

Went back out to Loch Raven in hopes of seeing a good buck on his feet or getting a doe for the freezer. Well,  I hate to say this but all of my hunts have been going about the same this year.  I got in and really felt good about my stand location and was in my tree right about 3.  Not  15 minutes after getting in the tree I had a fawn walk out in the clearing in front of me about 60 yards away.  She worked into the thicket to my left and then across the clearing and over into another section of woods.  Then things got quite for a long time.... Around 4:45 pm  I had a big doe and yearling doe work out of the thicket to my left and walk across the clearing. This was my main shooting lane, but I thought they would be about 20 yards away and they took the trail that put them at 40 yards away.  So, I didn't risk the shot as it was starting to get dark and 40 yards was pushing it for a shot at a doe.  They worked off in front of me and then got spooked off.  That was my evening..
Tuesday - 11/4/2014

Back out in a different section of Loch Raven,  I got in the woods even earlier and thought maybe something would move nice and early.  As I hear the bucks are up and moving!  Well, haha not around me.  Didn't see anything until about 4:20 pm when I had a 4 pointer come down off the other hill and walk about 100 yards in front of me and he kept on going away..  Never stopped never nothing, I even grunted just to see if I could get his interest.. Nope, man on  mission to get somewhere.   Later, about 4:50 pm I had a doe and fawn work down this opening that was off to my right and they too seemed be headed somewhere else, they would stop and eat here and there, but mostly  just kept working away from me.  They never got closer than about 75 yards... But hey, I could hope a buck was following the mother.  Nope, not yet, no sign of any sort of chasing or anything like that, just seems to be mostly pre-rut activity thus far.  Anyway, that was my evening.

Give it a go again tomorrow if I can get out of work.

Anyone else been out early this week and had some success?

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  1. Going on Saturday. It was easier to get out of work an hour early before the time changed. Rolling out 2 hours early is tougher. I live near Rocky Gorge Reservoir and they have had a lot of managed hunts already this year (one on Wednesday). I'm hoping that doesn't mess up things. Good luck

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