First Trail Cam Pictures of 2012

We put a salt block and another mineral type of block out last week and then put the trail cam out just to see what was coming out.   It is early in the year and of course we got our share of foxes, raccoon's, squirrels, and a fair number of does during the nighttime.   Last evening, we got our first pictures of a buck.  We know he is small, but it is always cool to see a buck in velvet and he will get a little bigger over the next 6 weeks that he has left of antler growth.  They say that a deer can grow up to an 1/8" of antler growth per day, that is between 4 - 5"  of average antler growth over the next 45 days.  Just a little food for thought, although also keep in mind that the average can be changed by weather, food sources, etc.

Have you got any trail cam photos this year? We would love to see them and share them with our  other readers!

Below are the photos of the spike buck from last evening.

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