First Trail Cam Pictures of the 2014 – 2015 Hunting Season

Well, It's been a a long wait but we have trail cam pictures to finally share with all our readers.  We will be putting more trail cameras out in the next couple weeks and HOPEFULLY have tons more pictures to share with everyone!

The trail cam pictures below are from one camera we have placed on the edge of the food plot we planted last fall and the clover is still doing pretty well.   We put the camera out after I cut the field down so the deer would have better access to the clover as the grass had grown to over 3 feet tall.  So, over the past 3 weeks below are the images from that one camera.

Anyone else have a trail cam out? Share your photo's with us, either leave them with a comment or email them to us!

Bucks in mid June Bucks in mid June Bucks in mid June Bucks in mid JuneBucks Feeding June 27 2014

Small 8 July 4 2014 8 Point and Small bucks July 4 2014
4 Point 7-16-2014

4 Point 7-16-20144 Point Bedded 7-16-20144 Point Bedded 7-16-20144 Point 7-16-20144 Point 7-16-2014


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  1. The photos are great, what camera did you use?
    • admin
      Hunter Dave, Pictures were taken with an older version of the Moultrie A-5. Honestly cannot remember the exact model as we got the camera about 3 years ago.

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