Fishing Update: What’s Biting!

Over the past week or two I have been out fishing several times, and had some success and other times no success.  So I thought I would share some of the success stories and pictures with everyone.

I also wanted to note that the second stocking for many streams in central Maryland is taking place this week and is the 4th and final closure for the spring trout fishing.  Saturday will be another exciting day of people heading out to catch some of those stocked trout. I will likely be one of those people and I too am excited between it being the last opening in my neck of the woods and the weather forecast calls for it to be nice.

I hope everyone will keep us updated with stories and photo's from there fishing trips!

Below are a few photo's of the fish I caught and a little info about them.

The smallmouth bass pictured above  was caught in a local river on a small Rapala jerk bait.  It was 13 inches long and weighted a little over a pound.  This fish was caught near a downed tree in late afternoon a couple weeks back as the water started warming.

Four casts later after catching the smallmouth bass above,  I caught the brown trout pictured below.  The brown hit the same small Rapala jerk bait from under the same tree that the smallmouth came from.  The brown trout was a little over 16 inches long.

Finally, the last picture is the most recent catch I have made which is from just today.

This very nice largemouth bass was caught just today 4/25/2013 at Loch Raven.  She was sitting on a spawning bed and what felt like hundreds, but was probably 30 to 40 casts before she hit.  I also changed plastics 3 times before she finally hit a red Senko.  I am guessing her weight right around 4lbs but I wanted to get her back in the water so I didn't weigh her.  It was a lot of fun to watch her and make cast after cast too her before she finally took it. Plus it was fun to watch her suck the Senko in and she took off when I set the hook and was a blast to catch.

Well, with the nice weather forecast for this weekend I expect some good fishing stories to come from it.

Headed out this weekend?  Send us your fishing story and pictures!!

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