Fuse Plus You Camo Phone Case Review

Recently, Fuse Plus You was nice enough to send us one of their Realtree iPhone 5 camo phone cases.  First of all, any phone case that is camo is cool in our book.  So, once we received it, I put it on my phone for the past week or so to see just what I thought about it so I could give all our readers an honest assessment.


The first thing to know about this particular case is that it doesn't cover the front of your phone in anyway, it just protects the back.  This was the style case we choose to review based on what we like and the phones we have.  Fuse Plus You has a number of different style cases that fit all different phones.  They also offer a number of different camo patterns depending on what your preference is.

After putting the case on my iPhone 5, I found that this case some great things about it and a few things I am not sure about, but we found it to be slim, doesn't seem to scratch real easy, doesn't pop off like some cases do, and looks great at an affordable price.



The pros are a lot of the things that most people look for in a phone case, it's slim and very light weight.  It allows your phone to slide in and out of your pocket without resistance.  It looks great and doesn't seem to scratch very easy.  Stays in place on the phone and doesn't pop off every time you pull your phone out of your pocket or set it down on table.  great price at just $24.99.

The cons are more depend on what you are looking for in a case.  Some of the things that normally draw us towards a case is what this case lacks.  Such as, protection should you drop your phone. Yes, it will protect the back, but it offers no real cushioning.  However, this is a trade off for having a nice sleek slim case.  It also lacks a screen protector, so you would need to purchase a screen protector separately should you want to protect your screen.

Final Thoughts:

After a week or so of use, we really like this case based on it is nice looking, slim, sleek and slides in and out of your pocket very nicely.  The cons that we found about this case are trade offs, many cases that offer cushioning and a front screen protector all within the case make your phone much larger, bulkier, and also tend to be very price.  Whereas, the Fuse iPhone 5 case is slim, sleek, and priced great at $24.99.  For many people this would be a great case, and if you are like some that are very hard on cases Fuse offers a number of other cases that offer some of those other features the case we reviewed lacks.   They also offer it camo patterns for both men and women.  We think this is a good phone case for what it is and should you be looking for a different style Fuse has something  to fit most everyone's needs.

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