GlenDel Full Rut Hit


So, this is a story that no one can believe (unless of course you see the pictures or have seen it happen before). I currently use two 3-D targets for target practice in the summer and decoys during hunting season. I currently own a GlenDel Full Rut and an older Delta target. This story will focus on the GlenDel Full Rut. I never put the antlers on the target because I found it far more interesting to use as a doe. As a doe target/decoy, bucks like it and does feel more comfortable.


Well, the does never really hurt the targets other than licking them on occasion. Also, I have watched fawns try to nurse off the target (I guess they were unhappy when they found out it had no milk). Anyway, with every fall comes the season of rut. What does a buck do during rut... they mate with does. My 3-D doe targets go from a target for me to practice to a target for a hit and run by a mature buck. I have been using a 3-D target for about 10 years now. When I got my first target, I left it out at the edge of the woods in a field to see what would happen. Well, nothing happened until mid-November and when I went to go check on it, it had been knocked off the posts holding it up. In later years, I would come to check on it and it would be knocked over and there would be hoof prints behind the deer from where the buck tried to mount the doe. Instead, I always used smaller targets, and nothing much came of it, until about 2 years ago. I got my GlenDel Full Rut around this time and it is a bigger, nicer target. It was then that I watched a mature buck come up during the middle of the day and mount my target. He went at this process for a good 20 minutes. It was interesting to watch and he did not care one bit that I was 25 yards away watching him.


This past season I had several decent 6 - 8pt bucks come around my trail cam and my targets.  I knew that this year would be no different than the last few. I just knew ahead of time which bucks were lurking around thanks to the trail cam. Well...the mature buck that hit my target this year must have injured himself.  I think it may be safe to say that he did not sire any fawns this year. Here are two photos to show you why I said that.

Now that must have hurt! Thankfully, he did not break the legs, they just pulled apart. Thanks, GlenDel for making such a great product! Mr. Buck, I am sorry for misleading you at such a stressful time of year.

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