GlenDel Full Rut Target Review

Field Logic GlenDel Full Rut Buck Target

The GlenDel Full Rut target is a great investment, one of the largest 3D targets on the market. It is very easy to put together as it comes in 4 pieces.  The center vitals area has all the organs and you can turn it as it is square block. Each side has a different angle for you to shoot.  This allows you to shoot from the ground or from a tree with a realistic angle on the vitals.  This also allows you to shoot at different angles and know where the organs would be in relationship to where you hit the target and allows you to adjust. The vital area is very durable, I have had it now for 4 years and have yet to replace the vital area and I shoot a lot.

My Opinion:

My opinion is this is a great target that offers a lot more than just a 3D target and is an investment rather than a target you plan to use for a season and throw away.  It is very realistic to shoot and allows you to gain a sense of reality for shooting in real life circumstances.  Overall, it is a great target and knowing how well it holds up at a good price.


The ability to turn the vitals in different directions is probably the best feature that makes it a little better than those cheap one-sided 3D targets.  The size is nice too, when sighting in your bow or making adjustments it is far less easy to miss.  It is very realistic looking, and the ability to turn the head is nice as well. In fact see my story GlenDel Full Rut Hit in the story section where you will see just how realistic it is.  The final and most important pro of GlenDel is the customer service they offer.  As I said, my target is now 4 years old and 2 years ago during a blizzard in Maryland the weight of the snow knocked my target over and busted the rear leg off. I contacted GlenDel via email and received a very friendly email reply from one of the ladies that works at GlenDel. I had asked to purchase a new leg and what it would cost and explained what had happened to mine.  Instead of charging me anything, she told me she would be happy to send me out a new leg given the circumstances free of charge.  I gave her my address and I received it about 10 days later.  As this is an expensive target, I really did not want to have to buy a new one, but was happy to purchase a new leg. I was more than thrilled that they did not charge me and it was hassle-free.

Other than the fact it can be a little difficult to move around because it is pretty large and has a slightly high price tag at $249. I cannot think of anything bad to say about the target.


Final Thoughts:

The GlenDel Full Rut is a great target and I would recommend it to anyone. It offers a lot of advantages over those smaller cheaper targets and will last. Backed by great customer service you cannot go wrong. I know the price is a little high, but if you go to their site as of June 23, 2011 they are offering a one-time per year 25% off if you join their “pro staff” you get some other cool stuff as well.  This applies to only the GlenDel Full Rut and at $249, after 25% off it is a steal for this target. The link for the discount is in the upper right hand corner of their homepage.


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