Hunting 11/23/2013

Headed to our private land Saturday evening after a morning off... Had to catch up on some stuff around the house.  The evening was well, slow..  I saw a couple fawns, and a spike until right at dark when a couple mature does came through headed to feed.  Otherwise that was it.... Just a slow evening.

Going to keep at it and hopefully I can get out some this week, and  if not, next weekend for sure.   I have a trail cam update I hope to post in a day or two.  I know many of you will be shifting gears next weekend as gun season comes in.  I wish everyone the best of luck.  For those of you whom don't have a location to gun hunt (like me currently) hunt smart, killing a deer with a bow can sometimes be easier during the gun season if the deer get pushed too you.  But good luck to everyone and let us know how you do, we are looking forward to some pictures!!!


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  1. Brian
    I went out Friday morning to private property and saw no deer. I had 2 foxes run right by my ground blind just before sunup. One sat down and looked right at me but took off when I turned my head. I took off work Wednesday and hope to be out in the woods in the afternoon if the rain clears through by then. Unfortunately I will be out of town for work next week so I will miss the first week of gun season. Glad I got two deer out of the way early in the season. Good luck to everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!
    • admin
      Brain, Sounds about like my morning this morning... Not much moving and cold as nuts... I too saw a fox this morning right after sunrise. I wish I had taken a few of those early season does... Getting hard to find deer in the woods.. I guess I always have January. Good luck when you get back in town and Happy Thanksgiving!

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