Hunting Last Day of Gun Season 2017

Can we say snow? Yeah, that is the main story of the last day of gun season this year.

I hit the woods this past Saturday for the last day of the main Maryland gun season.  For the morning hunt I went to Harford County.

Got in the woods early, before the snow started.  Nothing was moving early as the sun came up, and I didn't hear but maybe 1 or 2 shots before the snow started.

Then the snow, and more snow.......

As the snow got heavy I had a fox come down through the woods. Then more snow, around 10:30 am called it quits and went to go warm up and dry out. Didn't see anything on the morning hunt...

Headed to different property for the afternoon hunt, still snowing......

Got onto stand and was almost instantly white, and wet but waited.  The snow continued and I waited and waited and waited. Finally with about 10 minutes of legal shooting light left, I saw a doe coming across the hill.  She was headed somewhere and was girl on a mission. Didn't stop to eat or nothing she walked across the hill at about 75 - 100 yards from my left to my far right and was gone.  By that I waited until the very last minute and when nothing followed her, I called it a day...

Beautiful to hunt in the snow, but hunting while it's snowing is a crap shoot since a lot of times the deer are bedded down and don't move until it quits.  In the case of Saturday, that was more true than ever.

As gun season came to a close, we have this weekend and opening of late muzzleloader season coming this Saturday!

How did you do during gun season? Anyone harvest a trophy?  Love to hear from you!

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