Hunting Maryland’s Eastern Shore 11/3 – 11/8/2017

A couple weeks back I headed down to Maryland's eastern shore for my annual hunting trip with friends and family.  It was planned during the full moon hoping to catch some good rutting activity.

Friday evening when I got down there we hunting a small section of woods that is easy to get in and out of due to how late we got there.  Well, it was 74 degrees and all I saw was squirrels and a rabbit.  Nothing else that evening.

Saturday morning was less than exciting as we once again struck out and didn't see anything at all.  Saturday evening was 75 degrees with cloudy and we hunted a promising area with a really good rub line through it.  Yet, again nothing but sweating my butt off in the heat.

Monday morning came and it was a good morning but again, struck out didn't see anything.  But, others finally saw a deer, which was exciting for all of us..

Monday afternoon was close to 80 degrees and I decided I couldn't take the bugs or the heat in sitting in a treestand. So, I did a little fishing, again nothing.. But I was lazy fishing and more just killing time than actually fishing.

Tuesday morning was a washout as it poured rain.

Tuesday evening was also a washout as it continued to rain steady.

Wednesday morning was still raining we we bagged than hunt as well.....

Finally Wednesday afternoon it cleared up and we got back out in the woods. I was in the woods it was sunny and nice, about 45 minutes into the hunt it started raining, and it rained until dark.. It quit raining on my way out of the woods....  Very frustrating because in all these hunts I never did see a deer.  All the deer I did see while on the shore were from a car while driving.  However, the group I was with did see a few, but no real sign of rutting activity, more pre-rut activity and we think it was just too early and too warm for anything real rutting activity.  Plus all the rain didn't help much. Frustrated I came home Wednesday evening after the hunt and called it a hunt.

All and all fun trip hanging out with people and spending time in the outdoors.  But in the same token very frustrating to be hunting and not seeing deer.... Oh well, that is hunting I guess.

Maybe next year!

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