Hunting Recap 10/9/2013

After two weeks of a nasty cold that I am still fighting to make go away, I have finally made it out to see whats moving in the woods. The easy answer is, not a whole lot.. Last evening I saw a couple yearlings and a fawn. This evening I took a walk and saw a fawn early, and later I saw 2 fawns, 3 does, 2 spikes and either a 5 point or 6 point. None of this was what I was really hoping to see this evening with the weather change. I was really hoping one of those bigger bucks would finally be moving with the cooler weather and incoming nasty rain. That being said, it didn't happen before dark, in the area I was in.. Maybe they moved just after dark or in a different area.

With what they are saying, the next 2 - 3 days of steady soaking rain will mean no hunting for at least me. Also likely to mean the dear wont be moving much. Really hoping that the rain will get out of here Friday or Saturday and I and everyone else can get out in the woods. Deer should move pretty good after 2 days of rain and maybe the fact that we will be two days closer to the full moon will get the bigger bucks up and on their feet moving. I guess we will all just have to wait and see. That is what makes it hunting.

Anyone else get out before the rain got here and see anything good? Anyone seeing any more rubs or scraps?

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  1. They're moving finally. My new spot this year is overrun but I saw nothing from Sept 1 until last friday's storm. Now I've got scat within 30 yards of my setup, hoofprints within 10 feet, and they are working on another hunter's bait block on another part of the property. He and I were talking one evening and across the swamp we saw at least five run through the brush. One lead deer and several followers...running at full speed. They are around, and now they're finally feeding. GOOD LUCK. I've got family travel this weekend so I won't be out until middle of next week again...
    • admin
      Kirk, Glad to hear from you and glad to hear you have been seeing some deer. Our trail cams on the private property have been mostly showing the same couple does and fawns and a single spike the last 2 weeks. Fawns have been moving early, like 5 - 6 and most everything else has been after dark movement. Past couple times I have been out I have seen deer, just not close and mostly all little stuff. But it's getting cool so about time for meat in the freezer so the next doe that crosses my path is in trouble. haha Good luck when you get back in town!
  2. Brian
    I'm planning to head out early tomorrow morning and hunt out of my ground blind. Might try to stay out all day. Sounds like the rain will lessen tomorrow so maybe I'll see something during the periods of no rain. I too have seen a lot more hoof prints and saw 3 does last week which were the first deer I've seen on this property since the season opened.
    • admin
      Brain, Sounds like a good plan. It sounds like rain tomorrow morning at least, but from my years of experience if you are in the woods when it quits raining normally there is a flurry of activity right at the end of the rain (as long as it isn't in the middle of the day). If it quits raining like 8 or 9am that should be perfect for you to see some good deer movement for an hour or so. Then of course if the rain gets out of here tomorrow evening could also be pretty good as they will be looking to get up and feed. Good luck to you tomorrow, keep us posted on how it goes!

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