Hunting Thanksgiving Day Can Pay Off!



Many of you know that I normally hunt Thanksgiving day if you read our Happy Thanksgiving Postthis is true, it is my tradition to hunt Thanksgiving morning.  However, this year I decided to not to hunt since I was assigned to frying a turkey for the family dinner.  Well, I learned over the weekend that I really should have been hunting Thanksgiving evening.  I looked at our trail cam photo's from Thanksgiving day over the weekend, and let me tell you, I sure wish I was hunting that evening.  The pictures below will tell you the whole story, but I must say that that picture is something you would expect to see on one of those hunting shows that we all believe are fake!  So on that note, the pictures below are real and no, I have never seen that many mature bucks in the same place at the same time during the month of November.  These photo's are what prompted me to hunt on the small piece of private land where our trail cams are located.  Saturday evening, my good friend was lucky enough to harvest one of those 8 points as you saw in my 11/25 - 11/26 Hunting Trip Post.  I guess we shall see if I can get a shot at one of them before the end of the hunting season.  I will say with colder weather quickly approaching (I hope)  that no more does will be walking past me this season, time to fill the freezers.  I will continue to hunt those big boys that you see below, but my focus changes now that the cold weather has arrived.

( Please ignore the date and time on the pictures, I realized it was wrong after they were taken)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, what do you think of these big boys?  Do you think they will return before the end of the hunting season?

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    Looks like they were all there for Thanksgiving dinner, haha. That 9pt is a real nice lookin deer. Nice wide swooping main beams. Good luck, hope you're able to get a shot at him.

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