Hunting Trip 10-29-2014


Back out at Loch Raven, I got in nice and early and I had just gotten up in my tree and was about to pull my bow up when I heard something coming down off the hill behind me.  I froze because I was hoping it would just pass on by and maybe come back later... Well, that didn't really happen, it come down the hill got right under me and it was still too dark to see. I could see something moving but couldn't tell if it was a buck or doe all I know it it got 5 yards away must have seen me or my bow and rope that was hanging down and it snorted and ran off... That was a bad sign for me and I really hoped that wasn't a indication of how the morning would go.. Well.... It was, nothing else showed up all morning other than a single fox shortly before I got down out of my tree. Slow morning since the only deer I saw was before shooting light, well before any light at all.


Headed back out to the woods, went to our private land in hopes of catching the one bigger deer cutting through to get a snack before rut really comes on.  Well, got in the woods and in the stand and around 5:15 pm I heard something coming over the hill I looked and saw the 6 pointer that we have been getting pictures of. He spent several minutes making a rub/scrape which I couldn't tell I could just hear and see him trashing around in some brush.  He then went and walked right past me at 9 yards, shame he isn't a year older I probably would have shot him. But, I left him go to grow up for another year!  He also had a button buck with him, which of course I'll let him grow up as well.  They went out into the field to eat and eventually something spooked them and they ran back right under my stand.  The 6 pointer bedded about 25 yards from my stand and the button buck took off back up the hill. I watched the 6 pointer for almost an hour before he finally got back up and walked right past me for the second time to go back out and feed in the field.  That was the end of my evening as no doe's or the bigger buck showed up.  But, hey it was a great evening in the woods and no one can ask for anything better.  I'll get back to it later this week and try my luck again!

Anyone been out this week and had and success?  Love to see some pictures of deer that are being harvested now that rut is coming!

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