Hunting Trip 10/30/2013

Headed back out into Loch Raven Wednesday, hunting both morning and evening in the same general location.  Wednesday morning was a wash out literally. I was hunting with a good friend of mine and he had deer under his stand before light and before the rain. However, very quickly the rain came and drenched us. It got wet and cold fast and around 8:30 we called it a morning and headed in to dry out everything we had with us. I saw not a single deer or anything just rain drops..

The evening hunt was nicer weather but similar result.  Got in our stands nice and early  and thought it was a good start.  Around 4:30 I got a text saying there were does moving in the thicket. I however could not see in the thicket and never saw these said deer.  That was the end of the excitement for the evening, well for me it never really got started.  A morning and evening in a treestand, didn't see a single deer... All I have to show for the day was about 2 hours of drying my gear out and the fact that I got be out in the woods. A day in the woods with no deer still beats out a day at work anytime!

Deer are starting to move and we are finally starting to get trail cam photo's of some bucks (trail cam updating coming soon).

Anyone been out and seen anything good or harvested anything? We love to hear how other peoples hunts are going and see pictures!

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