Hunting Trip 10/8/2014

Back out in Loch Raven, I hit the woods for a couple hours in the morning and a  couple hours in the evening.  The whole day can be summed up for as slow, and a little boring. But hey, any day in the woods or even any time in the woods is better than work or sitting at home doing nothing.

The morning was pretty quite, I heard something walk through the woods before day break and then I had a single smaller deer cut across a clearing that was too my left about 7:30 and i never got a good look at the deer but it was small and moving fast.  Other than that all I saw was a fox.

Evening had a little more drama but not much to write home about. I was in the same area but different tree as the morning, sitting over a pair of good rubs.  The wind was a little harsh, but it started to lay down by 6pm.  Around 5:45 or so I heard a stick break I turned and looked over my shoulder and I saw a fawn working out of the thicket toward me. She was moving slow and eating the whole time.  Just in case she had more deer with her I got my bow and got ready.  Soon, another fawn came in right behind her and was working down the same trail.  The first one worked down right behind me and spend 20 - 30 minutes eating from 5 to 20 yards away before feeding down over the hill.  The second got down about 18 yards away and turned and went back up the hill and took looked like she had somewhere to be!  That sadly was the end of my evening. The woods was quite otherwise and I didn't see any other deer.  But I nice night in the woods either way.

Meanwhile, a good friend of mine was out hunting as well and was able to capture the two video's below of 2 bucks fighting.


After watching video's like this and seeing rubs and scrapes popping up everywhere it tells me and reminds me November is not far away and rut will be here soon than we think.  I think now is a great time of year to be in the woods and hunting will only get better between and November.

Anyone else been out this week? Seen rub's, scrapes, or any fighting?

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