Hunting Trip 11/11/11



Today was the first day after the full moon, and despite the wind, I made it out in the woods.  I hunted the morning in one of the locations that I have been seeing a good number of deer.  This location is easy to get in and out of and normally has a good number of deer traveling through it.  My good friend went hunting with me today in hopes that one of us would get a shot at either a decent buck or a doe.  The morning started off nice and calm, we bumped a good size deer out on our way in first thing in the morning, not sure what it was.  Shortly after the sun came up, I had a spike buck walk through at 28  yards. He was like man on a mission, nothing was stopping.  Even if I did want to shoot him, I am not sure I would of been able to as quick as he was walking.  My friend was about 100 yards away from me on the other side of the hill and he had a 6 point pass him on 3 different occasions and he also saw 3 does throughout the morning.  I finally had that same 6 point wander over my way later in the morning but, I had already come down my tree.  He seemed to be doing large circles all morning.  No question rut is on.  All in all a good morning, no big boys, but I saw some deer and the wind did not bug me too much until later in the morning.

This afternoon, I sat in an area  that I hunt on rare occasions, mostly windy cold days as it is slightly more protected.   My friend and I sat in the same area and oddly enough, we saw 3 does and a button buck with not any other bucks anywhere to be found.  I am guessing they either have already been bred or have not hit that cycle yet, and will in the next couple of days.  Slow evening since we could not get a shot at any of the does.

An all around great November hunting day.  I am sure the next week will be a pretty cool time in the woods as a lot of the breeding  is taking place, bucks will be on the move to find the second round of does that might be ready to be bred.

Well, wait and see what tomorrow brings in the woods, hopefully a big guy or even just a good shot at a does for some meat in the freezer!

Good luck tomorrow and this coming week! If you manage to harvest something or have a good story about your hunting trip email us or leave a comment at the bottom of this post!

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    My morning started out slow, and WINDY!! Around 9:30, I got down out of my tree and started still hunting, walking with the wind in my face. I came up on a little "finger" and saw a few deer milling around in the thicket on the opposite hillside. I got set up, and noticed that there were about 7 or 8 does and 3 bucks (a spike 4pt and 8pt, all relatively small). These bucks were chasing the does in and out of this little thicket, running them like crazy. I watched this go on for about an hour, really just enjoying the show. Eventually the 8pt bred a doe about 50 yards from me. What an awesome sight! First time I ever saw that happen in the woods. Pretty cool experience. I worked my way back towards the truck and saw another 4pt and a couple does in another little draw. Seemed these bucks were filtering the does into these little fingers. Tahtw as it for y day, left the woods around 1:00pm. Didn't see a thing from my tree, but the action heated up when I got down!! No doubt these deer and rutting hard. Great time to be in the woods!

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