Hunting Trip 11/2/2014


Back at in the woods of Loch Raven yesterday morning, I hunted with one of my good friends in one of the areas we normally hunt.  It wasn't the  most perfect hunting weather but any day is a good day in the woods for me.  I got in the woods nice and early and was sitting in my tree in the dark, I was ready as I know the deer have been morning first light lately.  Well, they really did just move at first light.  My friend had several deer move right before, or right around first light and couldn't tell completely what they were.  My whole morning was I had a spike come in at 7:05 am, so right at first real light and he walked in laid down 45 yards away.  I watched this spike for 2 hours. In those two hours, around 8:30 am 2 foxes attempted to attach him, which he quickly got up  and ran 40 yards and watched them.  They didn't have a chance, but I guess they decided they would try, after the foxes left he went and laid back down in the same spot.  Finally, around 9:20 he got up and went and had a mid morning snack.  Well, while he was up i decided I would get down now that it was after 9:30 and nothing was moving not even the squirrels.  While I was climbing down my tree the spike went back over and laid back down.  It wasn't until my friend came over to me to leave the woods that he got up and ran away.  Never had that happen before also never had a deer bedded that close for that long. But that was my whole morning.


The evening was a little bit colder and a little bit more windy.... I was still committed to sitting in the tree and giving it my best. I sat in a spot I was hoping I might see bucks or does as a doe for the freezer would be just as rewarding for me right now as a big buck would be.  Well, it was windy I didn't see or hear much as first.  Later, around 5:15 pm I saw a tall walking over the hill that was about 200 yards away no idea what it was but it was going away from me.  Soon after that I watched a small doe walk long the clearing that was out in front of me at the bottom of the hill. She  was walking dead into the wind and like she had somewhere to be, she was gone as fast as she was there, regardless she was 100 yards away so too far to shoot.  Then nothing again until around 6 pm or shortly after I had another doe about 80 yards away coming up the hill into the section of woods I was hunting.  She was just eating as she was going, in no rush.  But as soon as she entered the woods I was hunting which is slightly more dense, she turned and continued to feed into the winds, which was going away from me.  That was the end of my night, nothing else was moving.  It was a nice night other than the wind, I am guessing the wind kept deer movement down and plus they continued the pattern of only moving during the night that they have been in for over a week.

Any one else have any success in the wind yesterday? See anything good?


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