Hunting Trip 11/25 & 11/26



Friday 11/25 Afternoon Hunt

I headed into the woods on my small piece of private property that I have to hunt on Friday afternoon. The trail cam was showing the 8 point buck that we have all been seeing all season coming into the area before dark finally.  Friday afternoon I got into the woods and started waiting, around 4:50 p.m. I saw the 8 point walking down the hill headed for the field where we have the trail cams set up.  I watched him walk out into the field about 50 yards away from me, he fed until shortly after 5:30 p.m. and walked straight back where he came from.  He had a button buck with him which I could have shot and he had a bigger doe which I never got a shot at with him as well, otherwise it was a slow evening which with such a small area is not uncommon.

Saturday 11/26 Morning Hunt

Saturday morning I headed out into the woods with my good friend and hunting buddy. We both were hunting one area of Loch Raven that I hunt on a fairly regular basis, especially morning hunts.  My friend ended up not seeing anything but a fox.  I however, saw a total of 4 deer, which I am not positive but I might of just seen the same 2 deer twice.  Finally around 8:45a.m,  I saw a doe and a 6 point wondering along private property and the wandered around for 45 minutes.  Eventually,  the doe bedded down 132 yards away from me on private property and the 6 point buck wandered further into the thicket on the private property.  I watched the doe, which was watching me it seemed like until I finally got down out of my tree.  The doe got up and walked away as I was getting down out of my tree, had she not been on private property I might  have stayed in my tree to see if she would get up mid-day and head my direction.  Otherwise that was my whole morning, never got a shot at any of the deer.

Saturday 11/26 Afternoon Hunt

Saturday afternoon I decided to take my friend that had hunted with me in the morning to the piece of private property that I hunted the night before and see if one of us was able to take the 8 point buck that we have hundreds of trail cam photo's of that all of our reader's have seen and the same deer that I saw the night before.  Well, around 4:10 p.m. the buck, two button bucks, and a doe came walking down the hill with the buck in the lead.  As soon as they got into range my friend was able to get a clear shot on the 8 point buck and was able to place a good shot through both lungs.  This was a great deer and I was excited to have this trophy on the ground.  Pictured below are some pictures of the deer taken Sunday morning.




I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and was successful in their hunts!  If you got out this weekend and got a deer with either your bow as my friend did, or your shotgun since Saturday was opening day, send us you're pictures and story to .

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    Real nice buck. Congrats guys!
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