Hurricane Irene



It looks as if Hurricane Irene has finally started to pay Maryland a visit and will continue to be a house guest for most of the night.  This made us take a minute to think about all of our readers, both in Maryland and around the country that are battling the storm this weekend.  We hope that everyone remains safe as they weather out the storm and we hope that our furry little friends are riding out the storm safely as well.  While removing our trail cams to protect them from storm damage, we encountered a nice 8 point buck in our back fields.  While we were excited to see him amidst the rain, we were awful disappointed that we had removed our cams due to the storm and did not get a picture of this guy.  Hopefully, he and others will be back after the storm clears.

Therefore, be safe and help a neighbor if you can and remember that we are wishing everyone a safe weekend.

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