Last Day of 2013 – 2014 Hunting Season Recap

Well,   before I go into the awful details I will just say that today about summed up my entire season... Just kind of off base, strange, lack luster, and in general not so great.

Headed out into Loch Raven this morning to one of my typical spots.. Got in early and I must say it was a beautiful morning, the sunrise was beautiful..  I saw a squirrel at first light, followed by tons of birds, from blue jays, to cardinals, wood peckers of a couple sorts, and a very loud red tail hawk.  That however, was the good part of my morning.... Sun came up and the woods got still and that was my morning.... Nothing moved other than birds not even a fox.. So, I headed out of the woods got some food and killed some time and then went to head back out... Got to the location in Loch Raven I was planning to go, it was already full of people.  SO I KNOW THERE WERE PLENTY OF PEOPLE OUT HUNTING! 🙂

So, I went to another spot that had less people..  Walked into the woods found lots of sign of deer over the past few days, but nothing that was real fresh. I also came across a blood trail so someone had some success over the last day or two.  Finally, I headed back to where I was planning to hunt and there was no sign of deer movement. So, I quickly got out of the woods and went to our private property in hopes something would come past my stand..

Well something came by for sure, it wasn't deer it was in the form of 2 trespassers around 4:15...  Which I scared off, but they went all through the woods and scared all the deer off.  But with it being the first sort of warm day in a while there seemed to be people out and about everywhere.  So, I guess I shouldn't be shocked too much about people out walking and such, just stay the heck off private land, that's what they make fire trails for in Loch Raven! OR SIDEWALKS 🙂

So, I stayed and hoped some deer would come out at last light, but that wasn't the case at all,  nothing came out at all and that wrapped up my season.

I know there were tons of people out hunting Loch Raven today, anyone have better luck than me?  Love to hear one or two final stories from this season even see a picture or two!

Happy off-season everyone.. Time to start thinking about turkey season and trout fishing!

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