Loch Raven Success Story 10-14-2015

One of our readers sent us an email about a week or so ago with a full story about their successful hunt in Loch Raven on 10-14-2015.  He also included a picture below.

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Here is Brent's story:

Thought you’d appreciate the details of my hunt 10/14/15 which ended with the harvest of a small 8 point. I got into the Loch Raven woods around 3:00pm. The wind was from the NW so I decided to set up on a bench that sees little to no pressure and works well with NW wind in your face. The bench is fairly long 40yrds wide and sits almost on top of a large hill with the ridgeline only about 20’ above the bench. The spot acts kind of like a funnel for deer that want to remain concealed. At this locale I’m only up in the tree around 12’ but am concealed by heavy vines hanging around the tree. There are plenty of shooting lanes and typically expected shot is 30-35 yrds.  The woods were pretty quiet but I was feeling that I would see some deer cruising by at dusk. When I left for the evening I had decided that I’d shot a doe if the shot was presented to break the ice with my new bow. Around 5:45 I hear some rustling on the brush behind me and to the right. I stand up and get into position as a buck cruises through an opening and then behind some brush (about 20yrds away). I take the opportunity to draw and the buck walks down toward me, I’m at full draw as the buck comes within 5 yrds. I’m going back and forth if I want to take the shoot or let him grow another year. He then looks up at me and darts back to the 20 yard mark and inches into a clearing. He is half way up the ridge at this point and eye level with me, my mind is made up, I pull the release get a great hit.  I must have been at full draw for 2 minutes, my arm was Jello. The deer crashes his way along the ridge and I lost sight of him.  I stayed in the stand for about 30 minutes then got to packing up and tracking. I ended up having to back out until morning as my flashlight failed on me. I came back in the next morning, and saw him lying under a tree around 70yrds from impact, no tracking required. I was debating if I should take the shot, but am totally glad I did.

Best of luck,


Thanks for your story and congrats Brent.

Keep up the good work and good luck the rest of the season!

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  1. clay
    Congrats Brent, Good story!

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