Maryland Shooting Ranges


I only know of one shooting range that you can go to in Maryland that you can shoot any kind of gun from 10 yards out to 200 yards.  It is located in Carroll County Maryland and is called Hap Baker Firearms Facility.  It is cheap for someone that lives in the county and very reasonable for people whom live outside the county.

Here is a link to the brochure offered about the facility and it also has the rules, hours, and prices:

My other favorite place to go if you are looking to shoot skeet or trap is located in Baltimore County and is Loch Raven Skeet and Trap.  This is a very nice facility and if you are new to either of these sports there is almost always someone around that can offer you up some great tips and pointers. The conversation is not half bad either! They have members here, but they are also open to the public and are priced very reasonably.  So, if you just want to go and try it one time, or if you’re a seasoned shooter looking for a new club to join, it would be on my list of places to visit!

Here is the link for Loch Raven Skeet and Trap:


Finally, the only private range which I have shot at is thanks to a member inviting me along as a guest.  This range is the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore. The facility is located in Marriottsville which is located about 20 minutes west of Baltimore.  This has to be one of the nicest locations in the Baltimore area for shooting.  They offer just about anything you could ask for, and you could see just about anything while you are there.  The day I was there, there was a gentleman shooting an early 1900’s muzzleloader which was pretty cool to not only see, but to see it actually shot.  Again, this club is private, but it is pretty easy to join, not sure about the exact cost though. You must contact them for more info.
Here is the link to the homepage, all the information you could need to get you started should you be interested in joining can be found here:


If anyone else knows of a shooting range either public or private that they think others would like to know about, please either leave a comment or email me with the name and a link and I will be happy to add it to the list.


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