Maryland Trout Season 2014

Spring trout stocking is underway in much of Maryland under the #1 closure period which is in effect and are set to open next Saturday 3/29/2014.  Everyone that is a trout fishermen is surely looking forward to it and getting geared up and ready to go for what is always a fun filled event.

Here is the link to the 2014 Maryland Stocking schedule.  This is the printable version for those whom would like a paper copy as well.

This year will be a little different than years past, the water is a lot colder and they are currently calling for rain.  However, I am still looking forward to hitting the streams in central Maryland both Saturday and Sunday. I always have the hope of hooking (and landing) one of the "trophy" trout they stock in each of the streams.  Granted most streams they put 1 or 2 of those monster trout and a larger number maybe 20% of the good size fish so your chances of a monster are like playing the lottery, but those for getting a really nice trout are pretty good if you work at it and keep trying.

As always I will have updates on what I catch and things I witness during trout season as I always try to get out at least once a week once trout season starts  and soon the bass will be waking up if the weather ever breaks.  I look forward to hearing about others getting out trout fishing and hopefully some pictures!

Anyone heading out for opening day Saturday? Love to hear how you did and see what you caught!  Keep us posted on what you fishing for and what your catching!

Good luck to everyone on opening day that is going out and see you on the river!

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