Morning Hunt 12/14/2013

Headed out into Loch Raven Saturday morning for a hunt before the nasty weather moved into the area.  Nice chilly morning with the snow cover had high hopes. I went with a good friend of mine and we headed to an area we hadn't hunted in a while but normally there are deer this time of year in pretty good numbers there.   There was some decent sign in the snow, so it seemed like it could be a good morning.  We hadn't seen anything around 9 AM or so and decided the weather would soon be moving in and that we would call it a day.  Frustrating to not have seen anything but sometimes that is the way hunting goes.  This year it seems to be the story of my season, either they aren't around, or they just aren't close enough to shoot.  Still great morning in the woods, but still it gets more frustrating each day.   To make the morning worse, as I was about half way down the tree this big doe came running down the hill toward me..  She was acting really odd but I watched and figured I could also pull my bow back up if she started to even think about heading my direction..  She kept running back and forth, she wasn't being chased by anything either.  She finally walked around at the top of the hill for a couple minutes about 75 yards away and then she finally ran a little more back up the hill where she came from.

That was the end of another disappointing morning in the woods.  I wish I had more time to hunt while the snow was on the ground but work comes first.  Try to get out a morning or evening around work this week.  Full moon being this week if there is going to be any additional rutting activity it will likely be in the next 10 days.

Anyone else finish out the end of shot gun season with a harvest?  Love to know what other people are seeing while in the woods!

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