Morning Hunting Trip 10-14-2017

I headed out into the woods this morning in the humid misty nasty weather.  Other than the being a little warmer than I would like I thought I had a good chance at seeing some deer.  First light came and went and I only saw a couple squirrels.  Around 7:45 a.m. I had two does come working across the hill from my right to left. I watched them for 20+ minutes. They were just feeding along about 50 - 60 yards in front of me.  Finally, I had another deer come from the same direction they did but much closer come trotting up, stopped under my tree very briefly, then started trotting again.  It got about 65 yards off to my left, it stopped, then bolted down off the hill.  When that deer bolted 2 more which I had no idea were there bolted up the hill and away from me. They were 100+ yards away and I never saw anything other than 2 tails going through the trees.

After the running deer, I watched the other two continue to work off along the hill off to my left and disappear over the other side of the hill. that was little after 8 a.m. and things got quite.  A little while later I saw a fawn working from way off to my right towards me.  Then, I saw another one behind the first and they both worked across the hill to me eventually they both walked within 5 yards of my tree.  It was a doe and button buck and I had the pleasure of watching them for about 25 minutes. I took a video as the doe walked past and away from me as you can see below.  After they worked up the hill from me that was the end of my day. Nothing else came through where I was hunting so another day with lots of movement and no shots.

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