Morning Hunting Trip 10-7-2017

I headed out into the woods this morning on a beautiful Saturday morning.  I went to one of my favorite spots.  After a few miss cues this morning getting to my stand, then everything was turning around.  A few minutes after I got settled in right around day break I had a yearling doe walk down a path and walk right under me, sadly no viable shots. Behind the yearling doe, a mature doe and fawn followed about 40 - 50 yards off to my right and worked off into the clearing with the yearling  behind me. I was able to watch them for a little bit as it got more light out and the sun started to come up.  Not long after those 3 had walked off the other direction, on the other side of me I caught movement about 100 yards away.  It was two deer which i never got a look at running from my right to left.  A little bit after that I had a small spike come back from where those two deer went.  He worked down off the hill about 75 yards to my right.  It was now about 7:30 and I felt like I was having a pretty good morning.  Shortly after that I had a doe follow behind the spike and work down that same hill, she was moving like she was late for an appointment though and very quickly made her way down the hill off to my right and was gone.

Then the morning that was very entertaining slowed down, at least for a bit.  Then around 8:20 I heard a stick break behind me and I turned and saw a doe coming up the hill from behind me. She proceeded to walk almost right under me and just off to me right.  When she was just 8 yards from my tree I drew on her, but it was think branches where she was walking with not even the smallest window for a shot.  I ended up letting down, and hoping when she got out to about 20 - 25 yards I had another opening she would turn broadside. Well she walked out to where my opening was and just as she was about to walk into my opening, she turned just a little bit and walked about 2 yards too far up and those no shot again. She worked up the hill and out of range from me.  Then I heard another noise behind me and turned and saw a fawn coming up the same hill.  This fawn spent a good 20 minutes around my tree, sometimes under my tree. Check out the video below.

That was the end of the deer movement for the morning and I ended up getting down and calling it a morning. All and all a good morning hunt especially for this time of year!


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