My Opening Day of Archery Season 2017

My first evening in the woods of the 2017 - 2018 season.  It was a pretty good evening all and all.  The spot I was in was pretty thick, like anywhere this time of year. I had a couple of decent shooting lanes and I had a decent view of an adjoining clearing.  The evening started out slow, and I guess that is much of what we expect this time of year.  Early in the evening around 4 or so  I saw a chipmunk.  Later as the clouds started to break I actually saw a turkey, which is something new the past few years. Then a whole lot of staring at trees, trying not to fall asleep.

From around 5 pm until around sunset I saw nothing and other than the birds being very loud, I probably would have fallen asleep.  Then just as the sun ducked behind the trees and dark started to settle in, I saw movement.  Sadly, this movement was on the other side of the clearing about 250 yards away on property I cannot hunt.  First, I saw a couple yearling does, they fed in the clearing for a few minutes, then other deer started making their way out of he woods about another 50+ yards beyond the does.  After about 10 minutes I watch a half dozen does and small bachelor group of bucks walk out and feed as it got too dark to see them about 300 yards way. There were a couple little bucks and a couple decent bucks in the group, it was getting hard to see but guessing the two bigger ones were decent 7 or 8 point bucks.

All told it wasn't a bad first evening in the woods.  I wish those deer had been closer so I could get a better look at them and possibly a shot at one of them, but it was not meant to be.  But hey, its the first of hopefully many hunts and I saw something so it's all good! 🙂

How was your opening day/opening weekend?

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