New 8 Point Buck

After just one week, we have been seeing a new 8 point buck, after my friend took the other 8 point.  This one seems to come on odd days and never the same time thus far.  However, we have been having problems with trail cam batteries dying and SD cards no working correctly so we have missed a lot of pictures the past week.  We hopefully have most of the problems worked out and will have new photo's this coming week.

I was able to get a couple of pictures of this new 8 point buck to share with you  (pictured below). However, the the time and date are very wrong so please ignore them (due to the battery problems).  This pictures were taken on 12/2/2011 and if I figured it out correctly the camera was off by 5 hours so they were taken around 10:30 p.m. well after shooting hours.  Still nice to see another deer taking over the area, maybe we will get a shot at him or that very nice 9/10 point we got pictures of on thanksgiving before the end of the season!


Did you get out hunting this weekend? What did you see? Were you lucky enough to harvest a deer? Tell us about it either way!

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  1. Gino Ciotola
    I got out Saturday morning and did not have a good hunt. Had a guy walk right in on me in the dark, and despite my alerting him I was there, he still decided to sit down about 50 yards away from me. Once it got light, I was forced to actually raise my voice and instruct him to leave the area. I love Loch Raven.... Needless to say, I didn't see a deer and my frustrations forced me to leave the woods around 10:00am and do yardwork and watch football the rest of the day. Sunday scouting yielded much better results. Saw 5 bucks, countless does and some serious rutting activity. I probably saw the best sign I've ever seen in Maryland...giant rubs, tons of scrapes, pounded trails. Unfortunately this was all in an area that I do not have permission to hunt on, but it was entertaining none the less. I was thinking that the 2nd rut might kick in this upcoming weekend with the moon phase, but they were running wild on Sunday morning!
    • admin
      Gino, Sounds like you had an average Saturday morning in Loch Raven.... Sorry to hear you did not see anything. We have been hearing that morning hunts have been real slow the past week. I agree that the moon is coming around and there has to still be some does that have not been breed, so this weekend should start that cycle. I will be in the woods this weekend and hopefully one day later in the week, so wait and see. Sounds like you found a good place to scout! 5 bucks on a scouting trip is a pretty good trip, glad you saw that activity, gives us all hope. I also went scouting yesterday afternoon, I saw several fresh rubs, and one old scrape. No deer though, but a decent trail leading through the area. Sunday scouting can be great! Wish it wasn't such a busy time of year! Thanks for sharing with us and our readers! :-)

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