Nikon Sportstar Binocular Review

Over the winter Amber gave me a new pair of binoculars, as I had been using the same pair I had since I started hunting and they are good but still inexpensive and could stand to be retired.  That being said she gave me a pair of Nikon Sportstar binoculars.  They are a great middle of the road choice in terms of price for a 10x25 pair of binoculars.  Being  10 x 25 means they are great for the thick areas we hunt here in Central Maryland but yet still give you enough power to see things in those open fields.   I have to say, after using them for all my preseason scouting I give them a high rating for the price and would surely recommend them to anyone.

                                                    Nikon Sportstar Binoculars

                                                     Nikon  Sportstar Binoculars

The Pros:

These binoculars are lightweight at just 9.5 ounces.  They give you everything you need in terms of power with the 10 x 25 lenses.  They give you a crisp, crystal clear image  even at sunrise or sunset with outstanding light gathering.  They do not fog up like a lot of the cheaper binoculars do when you out in the woods. They are very compact which makes carrying them and storing them going in and out of the woods very easy.   Best of all they are priced on average around $79.99. In my opinion they are a great buy for the price and quality that you get.

The Cons:

The only negative thing I have come up with is that they only come in black, or at least I have only found them in black.  For bird watchers and other things this is not a big deal, but for us hunters sometimes we like everything to be camo, but I am not sweating this as I store them in a pocket unless I am using them.


Overall,  I give these binoculars a thumbs up,  they do everything I want for where I am hunting and at a great price.  They give me the crisp, clear, bright images at sunrise and sunset and they do not fog up every time you try to look through them.   I would highly recommend them to anyone for hunting, watching sporting events, or bird watching.  They would also make a great gift for a birthday or holiday for any of these uses.

Do you have a pair of Nikon Sportstar Binoculars? What is your opinion of them?

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