Official Start to Maryland’s 2012 Archery Season Just 50 Days Away!

Well it is official the start of Maryland's 2012 archery season will take place on the 7th of September, and that my friends only leaves us a little over 7 weeks to prepare!

This means with opening day being 8 days earlier this year there will be opportunities to see and/or take a buck in velvet which normally was possible but many times bucks had just lost their velvet by the old September 15th opening day.  Now that opening day is 8 days earlier you should have a better chance at that buck in velvet.

Remember READ the new regulations when they come out on August  1, or when you buy your license.  I understand that pretty much all of the proposed changes for 2012 - 2013 were passed as they stood.   The biggest things that are talked about in the proposed changes in the deer hunting side was being able to have a cocked but NOT loaded crossbow on/in a vehicle, and the change in the amount of bucks that can be taken in each season and and over all seasons statewide.  I like many of you am still unclear on what of those rules have changed and will be looking in 2 weeks when I buy my license.  However, I am now sure that the September 7th opening day was passed so rest assured that will be one of the headlines in the What's new for 2012 in the guide to hunting and trapping.

That being said, with just 7 weeks left to prepare many of you should be shooting your bow, as I started and a little over a week ago.  Making any upgrades or fixes that are needed on your bows as it can take some time to re-adjust.  As you saw last week I had my first trail cam photo's, as I put the trail cam out about 2 weeks ago now is a great time to start leaning about the deer in your hunting areas.  Also, if you are lucky enough to have private land to hunt on (, salt/mineral blocks should be going out and in another 2 - 3 weeks you should be starting to think about starting to use a feeder if you use one. ( REMEMBER using feeders, mineral blocks, or any kind of "baiting" of deer on PUBLIC land is ILLEGAL in the state of Maryland).   Check with your local and state regulation in other states to see what is legal or illegal in terms of baiting deer on public or private land.

What an exciting time of year for all of us bow hunters, and I am really looking forward to the upcoming archery season and sharing my experiences with all of you!

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