Opening Day 2013 Weather Forecast

Opening day of the 2013 - 2014 Maryland bow season is just a couple days away now. I wanted to share the opening day weather forecast as for once it looks like opening day and opening weekend will be absolutely perfect for hunting.  Well, perfect for this time of year 🙂

As it looks like right now it is going to be sunny all weekend.

Below are the projected forecasts for Thursday night - Saturday.





Well,  as I said you cannot really ask for a nicer weather forecast.  Sunny, not super hot and even for that matter Friday morning will be nice and cool being in the nigh 40's to mid 50's depending on where you live and/or hunt.  I cannot wait until Friday when I hit the woods and I am happy the weather will be so nice as well.

With just 2 days left it's time to get your gear by the door and get ready to hit the woods!

Are you ready? Do you know what tree you will be hunting out of Friday?  I am still on the fence about what locations I will be hunting Friday and even more so up in the air on what tree to hunt out of.  I may just see where my body takes me Friday!

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  1. Henry
    What time are you getting out Friday evening? I am hunting in the morning and want to get out also in the evening, but I probably won't be in my stand until at least 4:30 pm. Sunset is at 7:30 pm so I think that should be ok. Your thoughts? good luck to you on a great season ahead. I am pumped to hit my new spots this year and hopefully will have some good pictures for you soon. God Bless
    • admin
      Henry, I plan to get in the woods between 3 - 4 Friday afternoon. Really this time of year if you are in your stand by 4 - 5 you are fine. I have been as late as almost 6 before getting in my stand and seen deer when it's this early in the season. But, that being said if you can get in the woods by 3 or 4 it certainly cannot hurt. I think you will be fine Friday and good luck to you and we will look forward to those pictures!
  2. Brian
    I can't hunt Friday morning because I need to be at work for a meeting but will be leaving after lunch. I'm hoping to be in my stand no later than 3PM on Friday afternoon. On another note two weeks ago I cleared a portion of an abandoned horse pasture that I hunt and planted some no-till food plot seed (Wildgame Innovations Backwoods Fall Food Plot Seed). Surprisingly with the dry weather we've had its actually growing. The front end of the pasture was loaded with white and red clover too which I fertilized. We'll see if it helps come opening day. Good luck!
    • admin
      Brain, Our food plot has been doing alright with this dry weather although it's about time for me to fertilize it so I was hoping for rain! Food plot looks like it's doing pretty good for the weather we have had! Good luck Friday and we will look forward to hearing how it went!

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