Opening Day 2014 Has Come and Gone!

Well, another opening day in the books...

It was foggy, extremely humid, and well just plain hot in the morning.  I headed out into Loch Raven, I didn't see anyone else but I did see a couple does and a fawn shortly after sunrise.  That was all the excitement for the morning, I got down around 8 before it got too darn hot.

The afternoon was much of the same extremely hot and humid...  We even got a few showers right around time to head into the woods. Well the afternoon was much of the same as the morning, I headed into Loch Raven with high hopes, well I saw a couple sets of legs that turned out to be  does and fawns.  Otherwise it was a slow, hot, humid, buggy evening that I didn't see any antlers.  With cooler weather headed in this afternoon I am hoping to get out in the woods this week and hopefully have better results.

I have heard of a few deer being taken between yesterday and today.  We would love to see some photo's from any harvests doe or bucks from this weekend!  Be super cool to see some full velvet pictures if anyone was lucky enough to harvest a buck!

Good luck to everyone this week and keep us posted how your hunts are going!

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  1. jim
    I was up at loch raven on Friday also. I didn't see anything. Not even a squirel. The local DNR lady made her rounds as we headed out the woods. She told us a 6 point was taken off of delaney valley rd.
    • admin
      Jim, Glad you were out in the woods on opening day. I am sorry to hear you didn't see anything. Well, it's good to hear someone got a buck in velvet opening day out of Loch Raven. I have heard and seen some photo's online of deer being taken in other counties but nothing in Baltimore County and nothing from public land either. Thanks for the comment and keep us posted on how your season goes and good luck!

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