Opening Day 2015 Just 4 Days Away!

Opening day of the 2015 - 2016 archery opening day is just 4 days away. It's an exciting time of year for any of us archery hunters.  I have talked to a number of people headed out into the woods Friday morning and are looking forward to it.  Several of them have property that they have cameras on and know what deer are on there hit list.  I just checked our trail cameras today and found that the bigger bucks have already started to loose their velvet, which means the hope of an early season velvet buck are dashed for me.  However, sadly for the first time in as many years as I can remember I am not fully ready for the season this year.  Between life work and life events I have just been too busy this summer. I still have a stand to hang, still working on shooting my bow to really feel comfortable, and I have not purchased my hunting license.  That being said, if I can get enough free time to get everything ready to go I may try to sneak out Friday morning into Loch Raven for a morning hunt.  It  would be sad if I missed opening day for the first time in 10+ years.

I will be posting the trail cam pictures this week of the bucks out of velvet and I hope to hear about everyone's opening day experiences!  Good luck to everyone this up coming opening weekend!

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  1. clay
    Don't feel bad about not being ready, you're not alone. Between taking care elderly parent and kids I'm not prepared as I have been in the pass. However, I am looking forward to going out either this Friday or Saturday morning. It too hot for an afternoon hunt for me so I will hunt morning too. I purchased my hunting license for the first time on line this year and it was a smooth process and my license was in my hand in 10-15 minutes. I picked up a hard copy the hunting guide from my local sport store. Good luck on your first hunt of the year.
    • admin
      Clay, Yeah, sometimes life just throws too much at you to always be ready for the things you enjoy. The online license purchasing is very nice and if your license gets wet or lost is very easy to print a new one. I agree on it's awful hot out to be hitting the woods for an afternoon hunt right now. But the forecast shows cooling somewhat so hopefully that helps. Good luck to you if you get out this opening day weekend! Let us know how it go's!

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