Opening Day of Archery Season is just One Week Away!

Opening day of the Maryland 2017 - 2018 archery season is now just one week away.  Very exciting for most of us who cannot wait for opening day to come each year.  I am looking forward to this season after last season was lack luster for me due to the fact I couldn't get out very often.

Now that the season is just one week away you should be gearing up.  Time to get the hunting license and put it in your pack.  Get all your gear in your pack and make sure everything has fresh batteries.  Wash all your hunting clothes to make them scent free.  Make sure your treestand, ground blind, or whatever type of stand you use is safe, and ready for the season.  Remember spending a little extra time and money to make sure all your gear is safe and ready for the season is a lot better then and extended stay in the hospital or worse.

The other thing we can never stress enough is practice, if you shoot a long bow, re-curve, compound bow, or crossbow practice with it as much as you can. Get comfortable shooting in a number of different situations, just because you shoot it at home in your favorite shooting position in ideal clothes, doesn't mean in all your hunting clothing twisting around a tree or trying to shoot in a tiny opening after holding for 3 minutes is going to be ideal.  Practice different positions, sitting standing facing your target, over your left shoulder.  Also, do some of that in your standard early season hunting clothes, gloves, and put all your standard gear where it will be and practice, it make the difference when that shot of a lifetime comes up!

Once you get all the "work" done for hunting season it's time for the fun.  Check your trail cam's, go glassing if your property has the ability to do so, and just getting into the woods and enjoying the outdoors.  Archery season is a great time of year to enjoy all of nature, the leaves changing, and spending time with friends and family.  I personally enjoy hunting with someone, whether it be sitting in a ground blind together, a buddy stand, 80 yards away on the other end of a walkie talkie, or a text message away its always more fun for me to be in the woods with someone else.

Enjoy the outdoors getting excited about hunting season next week, and I'll see you in the woods!

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