Opening Day of Spring Turkey Season 2013

Today is opening day of the Spring Turkey Season! Work keeps me out of the woods on this opening day, but hopefully some of you could make it out into the woods after one of those hard to find gobblers.

Turkey hunting is something fairly new to me, and as I live in the central part of the state there are less opportunities then in the western or eastern parts of the state.   Two of the local reservoirs offer bow only hunting for turkeys and they are Pretty Boy and Liberty reservoirs.  I know there are also a few places in Carroll county which offer turkey hunting with a firearm, however, they are done by a first come basis and with a sign-in sheet, due to the fact that this is a hike in the first place from my home to top it off I could be beat there and have no where to hunt I don't commonly head over there.  However, I do know someone who does, and has told me there are birds in several of those locations just like anywhere they are hard to get on and get a shot.

Liberty and Pretty Boy Reservoirs hold smaller numbers of birds then other parts of the western and eastern part of the state, but enough to get out in the woods, hear some gobbling, and surely enough to try to get on one of them!

With work being crazy this time of year, I am not sure when or if I will be getting out into the woods after a turkey, but all of you will surely know if I do!

Anyone else getting out today, or this weekend?  I would love to hear of your experience and if you were lucky enough to harvest a turkey we would love to see some pictures!!!  Share them in a comment with us or send us an email.



Michael Sawyer left the blow comment, since we are having technical difficulties with the images being uploaded we wanted to go ahead and upload it here for everyone to see.  Congrats Michael awesome turkey!

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  1. Got this 19.5-pound gobbler on Dan's Mountain in Allegany County on Saturday, April 20. Mike Sawyers, Outdoor Editor, Cumberland Times-News

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