Opening Day of Spring Turkey Season 2014

Today marked the opening day of the 2014 Spring Turkey season in most parts of Maryland.   Last weekend featured the youth hunt, and today marked the first day all us old folks could go hit the woods after a turkey.  I was sadly away and could not hunt today, but I sure wished I could have been in the woods.  I was away earlier this week and was in southern Virginia and Maryland's eastern shore and during my time driving I saw a number of turkeys out strutting around fields and 3 different times I saw big groups (some had 4 - 6 and one  group must have had 12 - 15 birds).  It made me jealous and made me realize how much having (a) private farm land and (b) the lack of turkey population in central Maryland.

I surely hope that everyone that could  got out today and HOPEFULLY had success!  It was a beautiful morning for turkey hunting as it was cool and crisp and not very windy and with all the new growth there is lots for them to eat!

I hope to get out soon and I really hope anyone that got out today, or is planning to get out tomorrow has some success!  If you are lucky enough to harvest a turkey please let us know and leave a picture with a comment or send us an email for us to post!

Good luck everyone!


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