Opening Day of Trophy Rockfish Season 2014

Photo Credit: Brandon @ Lateral Line

Opening Day of trophy rockfish season opens tomorrow Saturday April 19th 2014.  I know many people are looking forward to getting out on the water and trolling hours upon hours in hopes of one of the giant 40 inch plus rockfish.  It's been years since I have had the opportunity hook one of those big boys.  Each year when this time comes, I find myself wishing I was out on the water trolling for one of those giants. One of these days I will get back at it but until then I look forward to seeing what everyone else catches and my chance at them once they run back down the bay when I go try to get them in Ocean City from the surf.

I wish all of you the best of luck and I would love to hear about what you caught and see some pictures of some of those giants!

Rockfish are one of my favorites to catch but are also one of my favorite fish to eat as well.  Makes my mouth water thinking about eating one of those giants!

Does anyone have some suggestions for charter boats within an hour or so of Baltimore?  Every year I get questions about who to go out with and I only know a few marina's, but not really any single boats or captain's that people recommend.  Please leave a comment with your suggestions and any additional info that you might have!

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