Opening Day of Trout Season 2018

Opening Day of trout season 2018 is finally here.

I hit the stream this morning to do some trout fishing on this official opening day of the season.  I went out on the Patapsco river with the hopes for some decent stocked fish.  I went out fishing with a family member,  we hit the river around sunrise and found a few decent pools to fish.

Fishing was slow for me most of the early morning, I had a few bites and had nothing to show for it..  I was being out fished by 3 - 0 by around 9 AM.  Finally, we made a move to a new area that was in the sun!  Everyone was talking about how cold it was this morning! Brrrr

Finally, I got a fish after lots of missed bites. It was small 9-10" and I decided to let him go. I generally let anything go that isn't 14"+ just because those in my house don't generally eat the small ones, but I still enjoy going out fishing and trying to catch the bigger ones.  It was a great morning on the river and  I ended up with 3 decent trout all between 9" and 11" which I let go for someone else to catch and take home for their dinner.

We caught 8 fish between us and only kept 1 fish as it was about 14 - 15" and a very healthy rainbow trout.  Better luck next outing, as that was a very slow morning for me personally.
Hopefully everyone had a enjoyable opening day and caught lots of trout.

Love to hear your opening days stories, and see pictures of what you and your friends  caught.

I'll be headed back out this week as everything slows down after the opening day rush is now over.  Hopefully this will be a much more successful trip as I'll likely head to northern Baltimore County to the Gunpowder river which I know a little better!

Good luck!

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