Opening Day of Turkey Season 2015

Headed out to Liberty for opening day of Turkey season.  What a great morning in the woods.  For only my real second time turkey hunting it was a great day. I had a ton of fun, spent some time in the woods with a buddy of mine.  I also got to see how many others were out trying to get a turkey and it's great to see a good turn out on turkey season.

I had a pretty good day I heard a ton of birds and saw a few toms and several hens.

I had one close encounter with a pair of toms later in the morning, had the pair of them at about 15 - 20 yards, I just could not get a shot at either of them to save my life. The thicket that is starting to fill in now was just too thick.  They walked right past us, just could not sneak an arrow in anywhere.  It is extremely hard to get a shot at a turkey in the first place, to get one with a bow is even harder. It was still super exciting and probably one of the coolest hunting experiences I have had.

It was  great to see the number of birds is up in Liberty as in past years there were far less birds to be hunted.  I wish everyone good luck as they get out turkey hunting over the next few weeks and hopefully someone is lucky to harvest one!

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