Opening Weekend Continues Football!

Not only has hunting started this week for many of us, but so has football season.  Thursday marked the beginning of football season with the Pittsburgh New England game, then today (Sunday) marks the rest of the first week of football season. Friday marked the start of start of archery season and between Friday and Saturday I saw a number of pictures of deer that were harvested.  Regardless between football and archery season starting this weekend I am super excited, my favorite time of year. The cooler weather has me getting even more excited about what is to come over the coming weeks and months.

Hopefully I will make it out in the woods this week and dust the rust off my equipment and get back in the grove of climbing trees.  Maybe I'll be as lucky as some of the others whom harvested a deer this past weekend.  I saw a couple of nice bucks that were harvested and I heard a few stories about near misses.

Hopefully everyone had a good opening weekend, enjoyed some good hunting and some good football!

Good luck to everyone whom plans to hunt this week!

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