Opening Weekend of Early Muzzleloader 2014

Opening weekend of early muzzleloader season has now come and gone. I know many people put down their bows and picked up their smoke poles in hopes of getting an early muzzleloader season deer.  I haven't been able to hunt the past week due to having my wisdom teeth out, all 4.... Hopefully now that I am getting back to normal I'll be hitting the woods this week several times as things should really start getting good over the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

Since I missed opening weekend of muzzleloader season I'll likely be mostly hunting with a bow this week since that allows me to shoot a buck or doe, but I fully support the doe only week of muzzleloader and hope anyone that can get's out in the woods and takes a doe! Next week being doe only will wrap up the end of  early muzzleloader season and then we have about a month of bow season to hunt hard and hunt often as the peak of rut will likely take place long before gun season this year since Thanksgiving is late.  Although there could be a mini rut in December during the gun season but more on that in my rut prediction article later this week!

So, how did every that did get this weekend do during early muzzleloader? Did you harvest a deer?  I heard of a couple does being taken but didn't hear of a single buck?  Anyone have success?  Love to hear or see your pictures!

Good luck this week to everyone who is getting out!!

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  1. Ray
    I took a nice 5 1/2 year old buck in calvert county Friday night with my inline. Broke off his one main beam right above the browtine and he didn't have a point on him that a portion wasn't broke off. Had 8 points left that were still over an inch, probably used to be a 14 point if he wasn't all busted up.
    • admin
      Ray, Congratulations! Sounds like a really good buck with some great character and must have been doing some serious fighting. We would love to see a picture if you could upload a photo! Thanks for the comment and again congratulations!
  2. Ray
    He has 6 on the one side and just 2 left on the other, has a kicker on his right base a little over an inch long and one off his left base that he has broke off down to 3/4". Also has another kicker between his browtine and g-1 that he has broke off down to 1/2". Was deffinately king of the swamp he was taken out of. Neck was starting to swell up already as well so rut must be right around the corner.
    • admin
      Ray, Cool deer and thanks for picture. Again congrats!

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