Opening Weekend of Maryland Trout Season 2014


Opening weekend to trout season 2014 has come and washed away as it turns out.   Opening day was Saturday and I went and hit the gunpowder river right as the sun came up... Lots and Lots people were out and fishing at least on the gunpowder, looked like a great turn out.  I fished along the river with a family member and saw some catching fish but not in normal opening day manner of one after another.  Most people fishing had a one or two fish that had been there since long before sunrise some had a  4 -5.  Everyone seemed to share in the idea that fishing was pretty slow.   I wasn't able to catch a single fish myself, first opening day in 15 years I haven't caught a single fish.  I got out around 6:30 AM and left around 9AM.  Walked a good section of the river had some really good bites, lost a good fish in a tree, but all and all didn't lay hands on a single trout.   Around 8AM I was passed by several that told me they had seen a gentlemen pull out a GIANT trout, I heard it to be 5 - 6LBS a little later on a saw the gentlemen walking with the fish and it was an impressive fish that fit the title of GIANT for that river.

By around 8:30AM the rain started to fall and as the morning progressed it got steadier and heavier.  I had other morning plans so had to leave and hoped to go back later in the day.  However, the heavy rain and rising river on my afternoon attempt made me decide to just hope we didn't get too much rain and give Sunday a try...  No such luck and to everyone else that hoped to get out Sunday, yuck is all I have to say.  The river took on the appearance of a mud bowl water water river rather then the gentle trout stream that it is.  It was ugly around 10AM on Sunday and I can only guess how much worse it got as the floor warnings appeared Sunday afternoon.  That meant no fishing Sunday, and based on what it looked like this morning (Monday) pictured below.  The river still may not be fishable today and maybe Tuesday, likely the same for  many of the trout streams in central Maryland.

river flooding

What a yucky start to the Maryland trout season! Slow fishing, followed by tons of rain, then sleet, and snow.  Just an awful start to a weekend many of us look forward to each year.  Hopefully the coming weekends will present better fishing then this past one.

Who made it out before the heavy rain? Did you have any luck?  Love to hear or see what was caught before the rivers turned to mud bowl in Maryland.  Leave some pictures in comments with what your catch on opening day was!

Good luck to everyone headed out this week after the rivers start to go down some!

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  1. I scouted the Big Gunpowder on Friday and it paid off big time. I found a hole with 60+ trout and my Father and I limited out by 7am. Typically I fish spinners, corn, mealworms, or night crawlers but this year Powerbait Trout Nuggets were getting the strikes. Most of the fish were around 10-11 inches. One was 12 inches and put up a nice fight. There were many many more in that hole and as soon as the water levels go down and clear up a little I'll be heading back there. I'll be posting videos soon
    • admin
      Martin, Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you and your dad had a good day! I have yet to catch a trout but hope the next few days will be better. Good luck when you get back out!
  2. Clay
    I had a day off on Friday and decided to trout fish. It was good to be outside again. I caught my limit but it took 4 hours. I only had 2 trout after 2.5 hours, but then I met a nice guy (John) and he gave me his power bait. I was using night crawlers. I am so really to hunt again. I am hoping my son wants to go out for youth turkey hunt this weekend. Otherwise I will be putting in some time with my bow for the upcoming turkey season. I am planning on doing a few days of bow and gun. I have trail cam pictures of turkey at my tree stand but I don't want to hunt it because it's a good deer spot in the fall.
    • admin
      Clay, Sounds like a good day trout fishing! Yes, turkey season is just a couple weeks away. If you get out with your son good luck, the early advantage is a great and it's nice that kids get to go first, I think youth days are a great thing. I plan to try to get out with the bow during turkey season as well, but scheduling is turning out to be a problem, busy time of year. Easter being that weekend does not help any either. Plus hunting public land as I do, it can be tricky as I don't know a ton of places in the area! As for your treestand location, if you were to bow hunt there for turkey now, and by may 1 or so leave the spot alone. I think the deer wouldn't mind too much as this is the time of year they change areas on almost a weekly basis depending on what new food source is available. I wouldn't gun hunt that area but bow would be fine and just try not too do a ton of walking around, just hunt from a ground blind or even your treestand and stick to that spot. No reason to not hunt the area if it has turkeys! Deer season isn't for 5 more months!!!! Good luck and keep us posted!
      • Clay
        Thank you.

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