Opening Weekend of the 2016 – 2017 Maryland Archery Season

Opening Weekend has come and gone for archery season this year.  This was the first year in probably 5 years I was unable to get out and go hunting on opening day.  In fact, here we are the following Thursday and I still have yet to be in the woods to actually hunt.  I have managed to do some scouting, do some driving around, and I also noted several people that harvested bucks these past few days.  I am getting geared up to hit the woods at least once or twice in the next week or so.  Of course play the weather and work schedule.

While scouting the past week or two I have noticed that acorns are falling pretty regularly, and with the lack of water the leaves on some trees are starting to turn.  We need to get some much needed rain and cooler weather before hunting will really get good.

My summer off from writing has come to end and now that hunting season has started I'll start posting more regularly including photo's.  Haven't had the time to post our trail cam photo's from this summer, but will be working towards getting them uploaded soon and also starting to post new ones.

Hope your first week of hunting season was good and even more so I hope you were able to harvest a deer and we look forward to seeing our readers harvests this fall!

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