Opening Weekend of Trout Season 2015

Well, the weather was not as kind as it could have been, but all and all opening weekend of trout season 2015 wasn't too bad.  I was not able to get out opening day this year, but managed to get out both Sunday and Monday for a little trout fishing.  I only had a few hours, but I was able to make the best of it.  I went with a friend and few of his friends both days.  Sunday, I went out on Deer Creek and saw lots of fish but was only able to land 1 decent size rainbow.  Monday afternoon, I hit the Gunpowder and man was the water clear, half the time I could watch my bait in bounce along the bottom in the pools I was fishing.  I was able to land 2 rainbow trout, one was your average 13 inches the other was a bit nicer at 17 inches.  All and all it was an enjoyable two days of fishing and I am sure am glad fishing is back!

The only complaint I had was that it was pretty chilly in the evenings and Sunday evening it got down right cold. I can only imagine how cold it was Saturday and Sunday mornings for those that got out.

Anyone have success trout fishing on opening day this year? We would love to hear your stories or see pictures!

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