Outdoor Access Overview – A unique way to Lease Land

Outdoor Access is a Virginia based company that is putting a different spin on hunting leases and really property leases in general.  Rather than a traditional yearly or hunting season lease that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, they give you the ability to lease or really rent a hunting location for the day. Yes, that’s right, for the day.

Outdoor Access gives you the opportunity to reserve a hunting location for a day at a fraction of the price of paying an outfitter or a traditional lease.  Based off the land owner’s choices, size of the land, etc.  the daily cost can be anywhere from $10 and up to several hundred.  The average cost is about $25 a day for the smaller parcels of land, which is a price that you cannot complain about. They are able keep the daily costs down by charging a nominal annual fee to gain access to their land listings, then you can search and reserve land based on what appeals to you.

Another great perk to their company is it’s not just about hunting.  They lease these properties year-round for things beyond just hunting.  Things like, camping, fishing, horseback riding, and coming in 2018 motorized recreational vehicles use.  This opens the use of these rentals up greatly to families for other uses and maybe another option to get away beyond a camp ground that is over crowed or a pricey hotel and allow you to do the things you love in the outdoors.

The up side to their service for land owners is many factors such as, extra income, the ability to list only the dates you want, and the land owner can make the rules about what, where and how things can be hunted or how the land is used.  The land owner also sets the daily price which the hunter is charged. Outdoor Access also does you the great service of a background screening for each of their subscribers to make you worry free.

Outdoor Access currently has property throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic with the majority in Virginia and North Carolina. They are expanding quickly and have said they will be coming to Maryland soon.

We find this type of service intriguing since finding private land to hunt in Maryland is such a challenge, especially in central Maryland. Should this service take off in our area it will provide many hunters with an opportunity to hunt locations that otherwise may not be available and in the same token give folks that may not normally hunt public land the chance to get out into the woods.  We also see this service could be huge for folks looking to get kids involved in the outdoors.

Want to learn more, check out Outdoor Access and Outdoor Accesses News Page

Also, here are their social media handles:

Facebook: @outdooraccessinc

Instagram: @outdooraccess

Twitter: @outdoor_access

Finally, Outdoor Access is offering a limited time deal for those interested in joining. This will give you a price break whether your joining to do some hunting, or to go enjoy the outdoors doing another recreational activity. Use discount code OA59 to get 40% off. So, the fee will be just $59 rather than their standard $99. Enjoy!

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