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Recently, I was looking around at different new bows and crossbows for 2011.  Just last season I started shooting an older crossbow just to switch things up depending on where I was hunting.  My biggest complaint about the crossbow that I had is that it was difficult to pull back without making a lot noise or motion in your tree. The other complaint I had was that it was pretty big to easily maneuver around while in a tree. Well, out with the old and in with the new. While looking at this year’s new offerings, I found Parker Bows new offering in the crossbow world which is the Concorde with Quick Draw System.  Why didn’t someone think of this before, an easy way to draw a crossbow with virtually no movement or sound.  I think they could really be on to something in the crossbow world as a lot of women and children use them and the biggest challenge is always being able to draw the crossbow.  As a bow tech, our most popular models were the ones with cranks to aid in drawling them back.  This goes one step further and all you need to do is remember to get your CO2 tank filled on a regular basis.

The Concorde offers a push button drawling system which is their patented Quick Draw System and it provides a CO2 push button cocking and un-cocking system for the Concorde. By pushing the button which is recessed in butt stock, the Concorde will draw the sting to the fully cocked position.  After the bow is fully cocked, with another push of the button the Quick Draw System will un-cock the bow as well.  Parker says the cocking process takes about two (2) seconds.  That is pretty impressive, to cock or un-cock the crossbow in 2 seconds whisper quietly, how could you ask for anything else?

The Concorde Quick Draw System is powered by a 9 ounce CO2 bottle which screws into the front of what looks like the front end of the butt stock just in front of the trigger.  Nine ounces of CO2 will cock or un-cock the Concorde about 50 times.

The Concorde’s size fits right in with most new crossbows on the market at 18 ¾ inches wide by 34 ½ inches long and weighing around 10lbs.  These numbers match up in my mind with most other 175lb draw crossbows on the market.

This crossbow seems pretty impressive and I cannot wait to get out and try one at my local dealer.

The Concorde package includes: crossbow, illuminated multireticle scope and quiver.   For $1249.99 I don’t think you can find a easier to use, well made crossbow which is backed by a lifetime warranty from Parker.
If you are interested in this crossbow you can click the picture below.

Have you used the Parker Concorde? Share your experience with us and our readers, or if you have questions post them as well!

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