Post Season Scouting…. Time to Start Fishing!

I took this yucky weather Sunday to spend some time in the outdoors with a friend of mine.  We decided to try our luck with a little fishing first thing this morning and then went and did a little post season scouting in the woods afterward.

The fishing was as to be expected, slow.. Water temps are still likely in the low 40's which makes fishing difficult but still not impossible.  We were hoping either some bass or maybe a pike or pickerel might be out and hungry on the edges of the deeper water in Loch Raven.  No such luck this morning.  However, the weather people also said it was going to be mid 40's and sunny today,  not mid to upper 30's and cloudy as it in fact is.  Weather people you haven't been doing such a hot job this winter..   Had the sun been out and the weather been slightly warmer perhaps the fishing would have been a little better.

Now, we all have the first opening day of trout season to look forward to coming up in 13 days.  A little later than normal as it is the 30th of March this year and normally it is between the 23  - 27.  Nevertheless, I am sure there are plenty of people whom cannot wait until trout fishing season starts.  It gives us all something to look forward to for a good month or so each spring and tides us over until the bass start biting.  Also puts some good food on the table for many of us as well.. Nothing like some good fresh rainbow trout for dinner 🙂

Well after we decided the fishing just wasn't too hot this morning we decided to go look for antlers and do a little post season scouting.  As we expected we saw lots of deer, didn't find any antlers and still aren't sure where all the bucks went last season as there is minimal sign from rut.  We only saw a couple rubs and 1 or 2 scrapes left from this past season.  Normally this time of year is a great time of year to find all rubs and scrapes and last week when I went shed hunting the area we walked was loaded with rubs and old scrapes.  So this tells me the areas where you aren't loud to hunt are holding numbers of bucks, the areas where we all those numbers are down.

Either way every trip into the woods I learn something about those areas and I use that to put my game plan together for where I want to hunt and when.   Next season will be here before we know and in a few short months it will be time to think about getting trail cams back out and working and also time to plant food plots.

Has anyone been out shed hunting or fishing?  Done any good at either? We would love to hear from you leave a comment or drop us an email!

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  1. Henry
    Went shed hunting this weekend. We didn't find any sheds, but had my 5 and 8 and year old with me and they had a blast. My daughter always finds something interesting when we go into the woods. While I was looking for sheds and also found a bunch of trails and bedding area, she ended up finding 100 year old canning jars. They were perfectly preserved and there were about 20 of them. Also my son came back with what looked like a shed in his hand but it was a bunch of leg bones from a deer and a pelvis. So while we didn't find any sheds it was a great day in the woods with my kids.
    • admin
      Henry, Great to hear from you. Shed hunting is always fun and the more people you involve the more fun. It's great that you can include your kids and at their ages they probably had a blast as it's like a big scavenger hunt. Shed hunting is one of those things that can be tough, I have found lots of sign such as bedding areas and trails as you said you did as well. But my last few trips have had me returning without any sheds. But I am only shed hunting public land and there are lots of other people out there looking as well. Glad you had a great day out in the woods with your kids and sounds like your daughter made the best discovery! :-) Hopefully you and your kids can spend some more time in the woods shed hunting before this seasons growth takes over the woods. Good luck to ya!

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